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Sand Drags Provide New Challenges to Drivers

Posted: 8/5/2007

R/C Monster Motorsports unveiled a new event this weekend at Ronnie Setsers Speedway. Once again Fred Reep, President of R/C Monster Motorsports has pushed the envelope and created a new event to test R/C Monster truck racers driving skills.

Drivers now have the challenge to see who's the fastest to make it down a scaled down version of a real Sand/Mud race track. The dimensions for the sand pit track are: 4' x 14' (or) 4' x 20' (each lane). Buggy and Truggy racers are welcome in this all new Sand Drag event. Make sure you come prepared with the appropriate Paddle tires installed on your vehicle. All drivers entering the Sand Drag event must bring and wear their own Safety Glasses. (NO EXCEPTIONS)! With sand flying everywhere you’ll need them!

Drivers powered their trucks down the sand track in around 1.5 seconds. Yes, it’s that quick! We have put together a short video on this exciting event from this Saturday. Turn up your speaker volume and don't blink! We will be racing next weekend at Extreme Hobby Zone in Winter Haven. We will be again having Sand Drag racing at this venue.

For more information please contact Fred Reep, President R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. We’re number one when it comes to R/C Monster truck race management. With over 4 years of experience hosting 100+ events with a combined 175+ drivers and 400+ R/C Monster trucks. Remember, “Race with the Best or follow like the Rest!”

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