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R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. was established in 2004. Fred Reep, Owner and President of R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. has been passionate about R/C monster truck racing for over 20 years. 

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R/C Monster Motorsports ties the relationships between the real monster trucks and their R/C counterparts. R/C Monster Motorsports Inc. is a professional, family oriented, mobile radio controlled monster truck racing company.

R/C Monster Motorsports can hold races in almost any location including but not limited to: shopping center parking lots, hobby stores, racing events, automotive dealers and schools. We provide all our own audio/visual supplies, track equipment, tents, advertising and awards.

R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. races are a wonderful marketing tool for drawing in large audiences into events. Most of R/C Monster Motorsports events are held within the state of Florida however, we have held races in both New York and North Carolina. R/C Monster Motorsports has several relationships with real monster truck racing teams. We can work with these teams to set up displays and car crushes at promotional events.

For more information about coordinating a event with R/C Monster Motorsports to hold a race at your venue, please e-mail rcmonstermotorsports@hotmail.com