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Having Problems Running Your Nitro Truck? Electrify

Posted: 8/25/2006

August 25, 2006 - If you have ever seen one of Bari Musawwir's ECDR electric Monster Trucks at an R/C Monster Motorsports event, you know that they are fast and powerful! Have you ever thought of converting your nitro truck to electric?

Well an article published in Radio Control Car Action called Nitro Killer – Fine Design Team Losi LST2 Brushless Conversion, by Paul Onorato shows you what’s involved. Paul writes, “The technology of high-power electric brushless motors combined with high-capacity lithium-polymer batteries and heavy-duty brushless speed controls has reached the point at which we now see unbelievable performance that easily surpasses nitro power.” The Need for Speed; Paul writes, “When this converted monster launches off the line, the rear suspension is compressed under the load as the front wheels fight to stay on the ground, and it accelerates hard to a top speed of 41.97mph in only 4 seconds.” With a fully charge battery he got 16 to 18 minutes of run time. Click here to view the complete article with conversion photos online.

RC Driver magazine did a review of Fine Design RC’s (FDM) 1/8 Scale E-Storm Brushless Powered Electric Buggy in their July 2006 issue. Needless to say they were more then impressed!. Check out their issue for the full review of the FDM 1/8th scale E-Storm! As they said, “Performance that blows the pants off of the Nitro Competition!” Click here for more highlights on the E-Storm.

Fine Design RC is home of the fastest electric R/C supplies on the planet. At Fine Design they’re committed to carrying only the best equipment that racers demand! Team Fine Design Drivers have set more records then any other team combined! When it comes to fast, we know how to get there! For more information on Fine Design RC click here to go to their website.

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