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Back to Back Busy Weekends for the JConcepts Team

Posted: 2/14/2009

The JConcepts team had their game on for two busy back to back weekends starting in Ft. Meyers, Florida. JConcepts was in attendance for the Outlaw Monster Truck Spectacular at the Lee County Civic Center for the half time entertainment.

Mr. JConcepts himself Jason Ruona piloted his Team Associated RC8 with JConcepts Cross Hairs tires over a set of four crushed cars several times winning the applause of the sold out 4,000 + crowd. Kirk Dabney was back with Maximum Overkill after being in the shop for several months for major chassis adjustments. Kirk brought fans to their feet with a spectacular freestyle performance with a super cyclone doughnut ending up on a pile of crushed cars.

Footage provided by our friend Flyin’ Brian.

After a late night of Monster Truckin’, it was up at the crack of dawn for the JConcepts team and off to the North Trail R/C Off-Road track in Ft. Meyers. Jason Ruona competed with his RC8 form the previous night’s performance. Without a tire change from the previous night, Jason put his RC8 into the second fastest qualifying position. With a fresh set of JConcepts Cross Hairs Jason was ready for the A-main. With the help from Fred in the pits, it was domination from start to finish for Jason. With only one pit stop Jason pushed the limits of refueling in the 15 minute A-main taking the first place win!

Next up was busy weekend number two for JConcepts. Friday and Saturday Fred organized the R/C entertainment for the AMP Thunderslam Monster Truck event at the St. Lucie Fairgrounds in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Saturday, the JConcepts racing team attended the first race for the 2009 Super Cup held at Lake Park Tampa, Florida. Sunday, it was back to JConcepts Headquarters for the second JConcepts Rock Rash event.

Firestone Bigfoot, Maximum Overkill, Outlaw Clydesdale, and Undertaker were in attendance at the AMP Thunderslam in Ft. Pierce. Rick Long driver of Bigfoot and Bennett Clark driver of Clydesdale were the Kings of the wheelie contest. Friday night Bigfoot touched the arena’s ceiling light and Saturday night Clydesdale touches the same ceiling light during the wheelie contest. Monster Truck racing finals had Clydesdale taking the win over Maximum Overkill on Friday and Bigfoot taking the win over Maximum Overkill on Saturday. Kirk Dabney and Maximum Overkill spun up some more super cyclone doughnuts taking the freestyle win on Friday night and Bigfoot was back with vengeance for Saturday’s freestyle’s performance after suffering starter problems on Friday.

James Wilmott, Greg Lafferty, Louis Cross, and John Stefanacci put on a spectacular R/C performance at the AMP Thunderslam half time show, jumping their R/C trucks over a set of five crushed cars multiple times receiving many cheers from the crowd. Special thanks to James Wilmott for the expert Fiberglass repair work to Maximum Overkill’s body on Saturday. James did a super job repairing a crack in the front bumper of Overkill. James also trimmed out the front fenders so it wouldn’t happen again form the big 66’ terra tires coming in contact with the body. Thanks James!

Back in Tampa the start of the 2009 Super Cup was heating up. Jason Ruona and Ryan Eckert battled it out in A-main Mod 4wd. Jason Top qualified Mod 4wd with a time of 6:07.31 @ 10 laps. Eckert took the A-main victory with a time of 6:23.74 @ 10 laps to Ruona’s time of 6:27.47 @ 10 laps. “Good Run!” Ryan. The battle wasn’t over for Jason and Ryan. Next up was A-main Mod Buggy and Jason wasn’t going to be denied victory. Jason top qualified Mod Buggy with a time of 6:06.37 @ 9 laps and took the first place spot with a time of 6:07.28 @ 9 laps. “Good Run!” Jason. Eckert took the second place spot with a time of 6:16.03 @ 9 laps. JConcepts driver Paul Wynn took the third place position with a time of 6:23.09 @ 9 laps.

After a full day of events on Saturday it was back on the road to JConcepts Headquarters for Sunday’s Rock Rash event. Jason and crew rolled in about 1am, Fred rolled in about 2am, and Kirk Dabney rolled in about 4am. Yes, it all in the name of racing! Paul Winn organized the rock crawling portion at Lake Minneola while Fred and Kirk set up at JCHQ for the second portion of the day’s events. Fred set up the test track for the new 2.2 solid axle Monster Truck class. Kirk Dabney set up Maximum Overkill for a static display. Click here to read Paul Wynn’s Rock Rash article.

Jason was on a mission in the 2.2 solid axle monster truck class. Jason turned the quickest time of the event with a run of 5.125 seconds. “Good Run!” Jason. Kirk Dabney tested his R/C driving skills running Jason’s rock racer. We’ll just say that Kirk will stick to driving 1:1 scale Monster Trucks. HA!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the past weeks events and get ready for the JConcepts Rage in Charlotte, North Carolina April 18-19, 2009. See you there!

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