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Truck Information:


Chassis: Dan Patrick
Engine: SVO Ford
Exhaust: 4 into 1 10" Collector

Brakes: Pinion Disk
Tires and Rims: 66" Firestone with Custom Sheet Metal Rims
Starter: Power Master
Transmission: Ford C6 with PTC Torque Converter
Battery Type: Excide Gel Cell
Body Style: GTS Fiberglass

Time to Build:
4 years
Event Wins:  
Additional Features:



Driver Information:


Name: Mac Plecker
Location: Williamson, Georgia

How Many Years in Racing:
35 years various motor sports
Favorite Event:  
Most Memorable Experience:  




Builder Information:


Name: Mac Plecker Custom
Location: Williamson, Georgia



Appearance Schedule:

Current Appearance Schedule Not on File...

Note: Dates and appearances subject to change without notice.