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JConcepts Rage Event Pre-Registration April 18-19, 2009

Please complete the following information to pre-register for the JConcepts Rage event on April 18-19, 2009. The race will be located at Carolinas RC in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you have any questions regarding the pre-registration form or race details please contact us.

When you are finished entering your information click on the Submit button at the end of the form. You are not required to pay registrations fees at this time. You will be required to pay race entry fees that day of the race.

If you are registering for multiple persons please complete and submit the form for each person (example, if you are registering for members of your family, etc.)

Driver Information
Name:   (Required)
Address:   (Required)
City:   (Required)
State:   (FL, NC, VA, etc.) (Required)
Zip Code:   (Required)
Phone:   (Required)
E-mail Address:   (Required)
Truck** Name/Manufacturer/Model
(List Each Truck)
(Select One for each Truck)
(Only Check "S" if your truck is in the Scaler Class)
Truck Name (1):

Manufacturer (1):

Model (1):
Truck Name (2):

Manufacturer (2):

Model (2):
Truck Name (3):

Manufacturer (3):

Model (3):
Truck Name (4):

Manufacturer (4):

Model (4):
Truck Name (5):

Manufacturer (5):

Model (5):

  • 4WD Pro Modified - Solid Axle - Brushed

  • 4WD Pro Modified - Solid Axle - Brushless

  • 4WD Pro Modified - Solid Axle - 2.2 Open

  • 4WD Pro Modified - Independent Axle - Open

  • Scaler 1.9 Truck

  • Scaler 2.2 Truck

  • Scaler Monster Truck

  • Scaler Short Course Truck

  • R = Side-by-Side Racing - Drivers compete side by side testing their driving skills like the real monster trucks.

  • FS = Freestyle - Monster Truck freestyle will have two trucks performing at one time due to time constraints. Drivers have 90 seconds to “WOW” the judges. At the conclusion of the 90 seconds or at the end of your performance, each judge will give you a score from 1 to 10. The person with the highest combined score will determine the winner.

  • S = Scaler - The Scale-Off is a show and shine event which will showcase the scale appearance and drivability of an R/C vehicle on a simple course not destructive to the vehicle.

Truck Name: Enter the Name of your R/C Truck (Overkill, Monster Patrol, Wild Thang, etc.)
Truck Manufacturer: Enter the Manufacturer of your R/C Truck (Tamiya, Kyosho, Axial, etc.)
Truck Model: Enter the Model of your R/C Truck (Clod Buster, Twin Force, AX 10, etc.)

Entry Fees: (Amount Due on Race Day)
  • Pre-entry fee for the Rage Monster Truck, Freestyle and Scale-Off related events will be $25 for the first entry and $10.00 for each additional.
  • Any entries received after the pre-entry deadline of April 1st will be $40 for the first class and $25.00 for each additional. Freestyle portion is included at no charge to drivers with their first entry.


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Carolinas RC and R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. shall not be in any way responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage to all or any part of the competitors property and or vehicle, and the competitor shall and does here by waive any and all rights he/she may have against Carolinas RC and R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. for any such loss, damage or injury. The competitor must be responsible for the security of his/her own vehicle and property. All decisions are final by track officials, and all judgments are at the sole discretion of the track official. There will be no fighting, no alcohol or drugs, no use of foul language, no arguing with track officials, and no cheating. If anyone is caught conducting any of the above mentioned, you will be disqualified and asked to leave the premises immediately and forfeit your entry fee. You are expected to maintain a professional standard at all times while on the site of the race. R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. reserves the rights to take pictures and video during the event to use for advertising and or instructional purposes.