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Rules - Side-by-Side Racing

  1. There will be a 10 minute grace period between classes for tire changes or repairs. Once a class has completed qualifying or it's elimination bracket a ten minute warning will be issued. Competitors can then complete a repair or tire change to compete in another class. Example: Changing of tires from Tuff Truck to Big Block, Big Block to Pro R/C MT, and vise versa.

  2. All radios must remain off unless you are racing.

  3. All Nitro vehicles must have a fail safe unit installed and operational. (No exceptions!) All vehicles are subject to safety inspections.

  4. A one minute grace period will be granted if you have a problem at the starting line. Each driver will only receive a 1 minute grace period per run.

  5. Truck must be staged on the starting line with both pre-stage and stage lights on in a stationary state. Truck can not be rolling. If your truck passes through the staging beams causing the staging lights to go out this will result in a “False Stage” Disqualification. Your truck (must) be able to stay in a stationary state by itself with no help from pit buddies or crew members. If a competitor or crew members is caught holding on the starting line it will result in a disqualification for that run. If the truck rolls on its own at idle simply engage the brake on the transmitter until it is stationary on its own.

  6. Truck is to go when the light turns green. If the truck moves across the staging plane before the green light is illuminated then the truck shall be issued a red light, false start. This will result in a disqualification.

  7. A red to green light will be used for Chicago Style and Custom Track Racing. One truck will start facing the yellow set of crush cars and the other truck will start facing the blue set of crush cars. Once the light turns green the trucks will take off going opposite directions, chasing each other around the track making 1 full lap and finishing in the lane you started in.

  8. Once a competitor has “staged” their truck at the starting line you have one minute to stage.

  9. Truck must hit the obstacle with the front two tires or back two tires. Example: crush car ramps or ramps. If only one tire or right side or left side tires hit the obstacle a one second penalty (per occurrence) will be added to you final time.

  10. The truck may not hit or come in contact with any part of the timing system or timing system barricades during the run. If this occurs, it will result in a disqualification.

  11. If two trucks are competing and complete an illegal run, the first truck that committed the infraction will be disqualified. If a time is not recorded because of the disqualification the participant will be assessed the slowest time of the day.

  12. If any portion of your truck goes out of bounds, or crosses over into your competitors lane it will result in a disqualification.

  13. If a competitor with multiple entries in the same class should happen to race him self or her self. Each truck will run 1 at a time on the track in different lanes. Which ever truck records the fastest elapse time with advance into the next round.

  14. All vehicles and their components are subject to inspection and approval by the R/C Monster Motorsports Track Official. Any components deemed unsafe to you and/or other competitors, bystanders, spectators, and/or track officials must be removed before the vehicle in question can compete.

  15. The race course and event format will be discussed in the drivers meeting which will take place after concourse. Every driver must be present during the drivers meeting. Any questions can be asked at this time regarding how the events will be run and scored.