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Rules - Freestyle

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  1. You have 90 seconds to “WOW” the judges. At the conclusion of the 90 seconds or at the end of your run each judge will give you a score for 1 to 10 The person with the highest combined score will determine the winner.

  2. If your truck flips over during a freestyle performance and the truck is unable to right itself (on it's own) to continue performing. An R/C Monster Motorsports track official will stop the clock and the judges will score your performance.

  3. In the event of a "top score" tie in the Freestyle Competition, a “Last Truck Standing” competition will be announced by an R/C Monster Motorsports track official. A ten minute warning will be issued. Drivers will have 10 minutes to bring their trucks back to compete in the “Last Truck Standing” competition. Once the competition starts, the last truck standing or the truck that is able to move under its own power, and has completed a performance which satisfies the judges will be declared the winner.