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Traxxas Provides One-of-a-kind Team T-Maxx Truck for Battle Royal Winner

Posted: 6/14/2007

Charles Beaman from Winter Springs, Florida received something special for his efforts in the Battle Royal competition at the 2007 RC Monster Jam event. Traxxas provided the winner of the R/C Monster Truck Battle Royal event with a Team Traxxas T-Maxx truck with all of the goodies. What was the Battle Royal you ask, well just a wild free for all, last truck standing bash your truck kind of event. John Schultz won the R/C Monster Truck Battle Royal. However, since Team HPI took first and second place. John presented the third place winner Charles Beaman with the prize. The truck was driven by Darmon Atkins of Traxxas and Carl Van Horn, driver of the full sized T-MAXX monster truck. The truck was autographed by Carl Van Horn and Dennis Anderson.

We spoke with Charles after he was given the Traxxas Team T-Maxx truck. Charles said, “I would first like to say thank you to my wife Laura for putting up with me and our heavenly Father for allowing this to happen.” Charles also wanted to thank his sponsors JAC Pro Fuel and Racing Products of Casselberry, Florida and Superior Hobbies of Casselberry, Florida for all their help along with his Gold Dust R/C Racing team members; Chas Beaman, Carey, Adele and Keenan Sparks. Charles said, “I would especially like to thank my daughter Samantha for letting daddy go play trucks with the boys.”

Charles would like to especially thank Traxxas for supplying the T-Maxx and supporting the R/C Monster Motorsports 2007 RC Monster Jam event. Unfortunately Charles custom hand fabricated modified sled pulling Clod Buster truck got destroyed during the Battle Royal. But the sacrifice was well worth the opportunity to own this one of a kind Traxxas 3.3 T-Maxx.

Charles first got involved with radio control cars 20 years ago with an electric buggy from Sears and from then continued to move up to bigger, better faster trucks. His first nitro truck is the Traxxas Pro .15 T-Maxx. Charles gave this truck to his son 7 years ago for Christmas and they still race it in the Small Block class with an upgraded 2.5 motor. Charles custom makes and fabricates most of his own chassis and parts for his trucks. He enjoys building and designing what he needs for the trucks.

Charles owns numerous R/C trucks including; Tamiya King Cab, Bruiser, Clod Buster, Ofna Pirate Monster, Duratrax Axial, Traxxas T-Maxx, Stampede, Kyosho 1/6 scale buggy and several nitro and electric boats and not to mention one hand fabricated two truck transport trailer. And that was what he could remember.

Here are the specs on the T-Maxx 3.3 that was given to Charles:

  • Part #4909 - T-Maxx 3.3

  • Part #5451R - Drive shafts, Revo/ Maxx (steel constant-velocity) (assembled with inner and outer dust boots) (for models with sealed pivot ball suspension and 3.8' wheels) (4) Suggested retail price $80.00

  • Part #5470 - Tires, SportTraxx racing 3.8" (soft compound, directional and asymmetrical tread design)/ foam inserts (2) Suggested retail price $35.00.

  • Part #4962 - Aluminum Big Bore Shock Kit (8 shocks) Suggested retail price $99.99

  • Part #5195 - Forward-Only Shaft Suggested retail price $12.50

  • Part #4957R - Springs, Progressive Rate (for ultra-shocks only) (progressive rate) (F/R) (4) Suggested retail price $8.00

  • Part #5372 - Wheels, Gemini 3.8"(Chrome) (2) Suggested retail price $11.00

Also included was a fuel bottle, extra receiver battery pack, and spare parts.

Wining the Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3 makes it his fourth T-Maxx in his stable of trucks. Charles typically brings around ten trucks to R/C Monster Motorsports organized races. Charles and his son started racing with R/C Monster Motorsports three years ago and formed the Gold Dust R/C Race Team. His son’s best friend and dad joined the race team last year. The Gold Dust Racing team has received several 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes in concourse, side by side, freestyle, long jump, and sled pulling events at R/C Monster Motorsports organized events. You will find their trucks in Big Block, Small Block and Electric classes.

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