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Digger's Dungeon R/C Monster Jam Update: Know Your Radio Frequency!

Posted: 4/21/2007

Due to the large number of entries, it will be imperative that you and the other racers be aware of your radio frequencies. We will be sending out confirmation e-mails to everyone that has pre-registered to verify radio frequencies. Due to the nature of our events you will need more than one frequency for your truck.

Based on the number of entries we estimate that qualifying and elimination racing will take approximately 15 hours with more than 340 side-by-side races. The time estimate is based on each side-by-side race taking 3 minutes to stage and finish.

You will need to be aware of the frequency of the opposing driver for each of your races. We will do our best to seed each truck to minimize conflicts during qualifying. Seeding for the elimination racing is based on your qualifying time. Conflicts may and will occur, so be prepared. We will have elimination brackets posted for each class so that you will have time to make any adjustments. We will also provide bracket printouts for you to keep in your pit area. Do not wait until your race to make frequency changes. If you are not ready you will forfeit your race. In case of a frequency conflict, the driver with the fastest time has first choice.

Radios used in this competition are limited to the following channels: 27 MHz–Channels (1 through 6), 75 MHz–Channels (61 through 90), 2.4 GHz and Spektrum systems. All radios must conform to FCC rules. Radios must have the ability to change frequencies.

If you have any questions please contact: Fred Reep President, R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. at 813-610-8201 or rcmonstermotorsports@hotmail.com

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