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Monster Mutt Still Top Dawg and Tash Sets New Carpet Drag and Big Block Pulling

Posted: 9/30/2006

Superior Hobbies Chase for the Championship Series #4 was the scene for more exciting R/C Monster truck racing and several record breaking runs. The day started with Angel Ocasio taking 1st place in Static Concourse display with his La Atriveda truck and trailer and new rock crawler truck. Steve Tash once again took 1st place in Daily Driver concourse event with his Byron’s Ford Thunder Losi LST.

Gregg Lafferty took 1st place in the Small Block Carpet Drags event. A special thanks to Gregg and his Fort Pierce team for making the two hour drive to our event. You can see the Fort Pierce team profiled in the Racer and Truck galleries. Steve Tash set a new track record of 1.265 seconds in Small Block Carpet Drags. “How fast can these trucks go over our 30 foot carpet course?” In the Big Block Carpet Drag class it would be Monster Mutt taking the win with a time of 1.482 seconds.

Racers were delighted with the return of the “S” shape course layout for the Side-By-Side R/C Monster truck racing event. Still going strong after 11 years of use our RaceAmerica custom timing system is still able to maintain accurate times during our runs and allows us to create the most realistic scaled down courses of actual Monster Truck tracks. Kevin Abbott took 1st place in Small Block Side-By-Side racing. Bari Musawwir ran Monster Mutt to 1st place in Big Block and Professional R/C Monster truck classes. Zeek Heard driving Grave Digger 20 edged out new comer Chris Emery driving Storm to win the Tough Truck class.

In Big Block Pulling Steve Tash forfeited his points for the event and went right for a new Big Block class record. On his third try Steve’s truck managed to pull 100lbs. to a full pull of 30 feet. There was some controversy with his run due to the fact that the sled broke a cable at the 25 foot mark caused by the sled not being properly set up at the starting line. Once the sled was repaired Steve again set out to set a new record with his Byron’s Ford Thunder however he would strip out a pinion gear at the 10 foot mark. Steve rushed to repair his truck and took a third try at setting the record. Steve successfully drove his Byron’s Ford Thunder to a full pull at 100lbs setting a new Big Block pulling record! Congratulations Steve! Although Steve Tash set the record in the event, Zeek Heard with his Iron Outlaw would take 1st place and the points in Big Block Pulling class.

Mike Herndon let the Incredible Hulk loose for an exhibition run. Since Mike has already set the Unlimited Class Pulling record of a Full Pull @130 lbs. Mike has set a new goal of 150 lbs. The Incredible Hulk came close with a pull of 24 feet 4 inches @ 150lbs. Still a very respectable run considering Mike’s truck only weighs 30lbs. Look for Mike to achieve his goal at our next event October 20th at the Monster Spectacular in Lakeland Florida. Remember to enter this event you must pre-register online. Click here to register for the event.

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