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Monster Spectacular was a Crushing Experience for Local Racers!

Posted: 10/27/2006

R/C Monster Motorsports was thrilled to host an R/C Monster Truck racing event and participate in the pit party and half time shows during the American Monster Truck Association (AMTA) Monster Spectacular held at the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida.

On Friday night, the drama started even before the event when Fred Reep, President of R/C Monster Motorsports was caught in traffic traveling to the race. What usually takes a one hour drive turned into a three and a half hour drive. Thanks to Assistant Track Director Tom Dixon everything went according to plan. At the pit party R/C Monster Motorsports drivers were able to display their trucks and answer questions for the public. The most frequently asked question was “How much is that truck?”

Drama for the real monster trucks started early in the show when Equalizer turned over during the introductions. AMTA officials sprayed Coke syrup on the arena floor in order to increase traction. A little too much traction for the Equalizer as the truck did a slow speed traction roll. Betsy Armstrong made her first ever driving début behind the wheel of Torqzilla. Betsy will be a force to be reckoned with in the monster truck world as she quickly gained fans from the female and male crowds alike. Check out Betsy’s profile on our new Monster Truck and Driver profile pages.

Fred was delighted when asked to announce the 15 minute half time program featuring the R/C Monster Truck drivers and their trucks. Christopher Dixon went for big air off the motocross ramp launching his R/C Monster truck over 20 feet, not once but twice without breaking! During the drivers meeting R/C Monster Motorsports drivers were warned about the Bear Foot monster ride truck driven by Darren Crossman which would be running in conjunction with the R/C truck performance. Stuart Shaw Sr. soon found out why it was important to stay away from Bear Foot. Stuart had the unfortunate experience of having his Traxxas T-Maxx run over by the Bear Foot monster ride truck. Stuart wasn’t happy but the crowd loved it!

Everyone was back in Lakeland on Saturday to race. Steve Tash once again won Concourse with his Byron’s Ford Thunder. Stuart Shaw Sr. was surprised to get 5th place in Concourse with his newly renamed T-Maxx “Bear Foot Print”. The judges really liked the crushed effect of the truck.

Bari Musawwir and Monster Mutt once again showed how it’s done in Big Block racing, taking first place over J.D. Kelly’s Wild Thang II. It would be Stuart Shaw Jr. showing the veteran drivers how it’s done in the Tuff Truck class. This was Stuart’s second time out competing with R/C Monster Motorsports. Stuart did a spectacular job defeating Zeek Heard driving Grave Digger 20 in the finals with a time of 2.058 seconds. Stuart also took 1st place in the Small Block racing defeating Steve Tash and Revolosity with a time of 2.065 seconds. If that wasn’t enough, Stuart also set track record with a time of 2.058 seconds. Look out Bari, there’s a new kid in town! Zeek Heard driving Bounty Hunter took the top spot in the Pro R/C Monster Truck class.

The driver’s cleaned up their trucks and some even changed their shirts for the pit party where their trucks were displayed for the crowds to see. Since Stuart Shaw Sr. received such a big response from the crowd Friday night with his now named “Bear Foot Print” T-Maxx truck. Fred worked with Stuart to patch up his truck for another dance with Bear Foot. A few zip ties and some duct tape and Stuart’s truck was ready for the show. Once again Darren Crossman driver of the Bear Foot ride monster truck treated his riders to another R/C truck dinner. The crowd totally loved it! More zip ties and duck tape won’t be putting this truck back together.

Shortly after the half time show Darren and Fred called Stuart Sr. back to the floor to present him with a brand new Traxxas T-Maxx sponsored by Hobby Town USA- Lakeland, Darren Crossman “Bear Foot”, and R/C Monster Motorsports. Stuart!, “Next time, stay away from the ride truck!” Everyone had a great time. We look forward to seeing you at our next race on November 4th at Superior Hobbies in Casselberry, Florida. This will be Chase for the Championship Race Series #5 in our point’s series. The results count toward the overall championship for each event.

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