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2009 Reedy Truck Race - JConcepts Racing Tires on a tear!

Posted: 10/1/2009

Event: 2009 Reedy Truck Race
Location: Hot Rod Hobbies – Saugus, CA
Date: September 25-27, 2009
Classes: 1/10th and 1/8th truck
Race Reporter: Frank Root

JConcepts Racing Tires on a tear. Bar Codes in orange compound TQ and win Factory Modified Truck while Cross Hairs TQ 1/8th truck.

Whenever we get an excuse to go to the world famous Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, CA, we make sure to go. Again, this was the case with the Reedy Truck Race. Ryan Maifield, Frank Root, and Steven Hartson, as well as new team members like Brian McDuffie, Jason Pang, Cody Turner, and Brent Calvert were all in attendance.

The track was prepped and ready for the Wednesday and Thursday practice sessions. Many of us chose to start practice on Thursday morning, and wow, was the track ever hooked up by then. Ryan, Frank, and Steven all started off on Orange Bar Codes for electric truck. This was clearly the tire for the weekend, and we each tried some different foam, and setup combinations. Ryan and Frank ended up with 2-stage foam front and rear, while Steven preferred And-1 foam in the front, with 2-stage in the rear.

Ryan and Frank were both running their RC8T FT truggies as well, and went straight for the hot tire, Yellow Crosshairs. These tires mounted on the new light-weight Mono wheels combination proved to work well, but we still felt we could get even faster in qualifying.

In electric truck, the first round of qualifying on Friday morning came fast and furious. Tebo was able to grab TQ for round 1 with Maifield, Hartson, and Root putting Orange BC's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for the round. In round 2, it was all Steven Hartson and Orange Bar Codes as he set a blistering pace to set TQ by over 3 seconds. Tebo, Maifield, Cavalieri, and Root finish out the running order. Some of the other drivers noticed how big of an advantage the Orange Bar Codes were proving to be and decided to give them a try in Round 3. Tebo make a the change to Orange Bar Codes for round 3 and this proved to be the ticket as Tebo moved back to the front, with Cavalieri, Hartson, Maifield and Root close in tow. Round 4 were for all the marbles and the overall TQ honor, and Tebo took this round as well. The overall grid for the main would be Tebo, Hartson, Maifield, Cavalieri, and Root.

A-Main 1 was all Tebo. Maifield and Cavalieri tried to chase him down after moving past Hartson and Root, but had no such luck. A-2 was a close battle, but Cavalieri was able to pull off the win, forcing a decisive A-3. Cavalieri, Tebo, and Maifield all had a chance to win the overall. An early pileup between Hartson, Maifield, and Cavalieri allow Tebo to gain an insurmountable lead, and he would cruise in for the A-3 and the overall championship. 5 of the top 6 drivers overall were using JConcepts Orange Bar Codes.

In truggy, Jared Tebo and Ryan Maifield were battling in round 1 for the tq, when Maifield's front wheel fell off. Too bad for Ryan as his truck was looking fresh and responsive and he would have to wait until the next round to show what he has. Ryan Maifield would not let round 2 get away. He strapped it up, and took TQ's in rounds 2 and 3. In round 2, he chose Yellow Crosshairs, and in round 3, Yellow Compound Sevens were the weapon of choice. Round 4 was setup to be a battle for the overall TQ between the Tebo and Maifield, but it was not to be. Tebo had a mechanical failure and Maifield took the opportunity to try some engine tuning changes, so Cavalieri TQ'd his first round of the weekend.

The grid was set, Maifield, Cavalieri, Tebo, Bradley, Kinwald and Root. The track was hot and slick for the main and both Ryan and Frank chose to go out on Yellow Crosshairs. The tires worked great for both, but Maifield had an unfortunate failure and had to pull out of the main after leading the early stages. Frank would battle on to a solid 4th place result, behind Chad Bradly in 3rd, Ryan Cavalieri in 2nd, and Jared Tebo with the win in the 45 minutes main.

Factory Modified Truck finishing order -

1. Jared Tebo (TQ) Kyosho RT5/Team Orion JConcepts Bar Codes (Orange)
2. Ryan Cavalieri Associated/Team Orion Unknown
3. Ryan Maifield Associated/Reedy JConcepts Bar Codes (Orange)
4. Steven Hartson Associated/Check-Point JConcepts Bar Codes (Orange)
5. Frank Root Associated/Reedy JConcepts Bar Codes (Orange)
6. Joe Pillars Kyosho RT5/Team Orion JConcepts Bar Codes (Orange)
7. Johnny Wachter Losi/X-celorin TL
8. Nick Lasley Losi/Team Orion TL
9. Chris Jarosz Associated/Reedy Unknown
10. Brian Kinwald X-Factory/Trinity Unknown

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