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JConcepts Releases the Profiled - 1/8th buggy Insert - Firm

Posted: 8/9/2009

Profiled - 1/8th buggy insert - Firm - 2pc
Part # - 3209-1
UPC Code – 845937003447
Retail price - $9.00
(Fits most 1/8th buggy tires but specifically for JConcepts tires)

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Tire inserts are one of the most critical aspects of 1/8th off-road racing. Racers have asked JConcepts for a firmer and more durable insert and after much deliberation the new JConcepts Profiled insert has been released. Having the proper density insert for track conditions pays equal dividends to the racer and especially toward the end of races. Starting on too firm an insert the driver feels “on edge” during the first run or subsequent runs on a set of inserts. Starting on too soft an insert the driver’s vehicle is not responsive enough or runs the risk of too much insert breakdown during long races which creates a squirmy or inconsistent feel. Having the feel that is just right requires a bit of balance of durability and hardness. JConcepts is just right and on target with the new Profiled insert.

JConcepts 1/8th buggy tires are also now available without inserts at a lower price. Profiled inserts can be purchased separately and used in multiple sets before retirement, decreasing the overall cost of racing.


  • Superior firm density material and construction
  • Ultra durable, no breakage during racing
  • Precise contoured manufacturing
  • Insert longevity, can be reused
  • Dark blue color for easy identification

JConcepts team driver Barry Pettit states “Jason introduced these new inserts to me for testing back in June and I have been running them ever since. I have re-used them several times and actually used the same set in 6 different states as my summer racing schedule has taken us to many different events.”

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