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JConcepts WINS at Round 4 of the Florida State Series

Posted: 3/17/2009

Event: FSORS Round 4
Location: Mills Pond (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)
Dates: March 14/15th
Classes: 1/8th Buggy, 1/8th Truck
Race Reporter: Andrew Moore

For the fourth round of the series, FSORS swung all the way down to the South Florida Mills Pond track located in gorgeous Ft Lauderdale. The track crew put together a very technical layout complimented by a perfectly groomed surface. The sun and more than 120 entries helped the track to groove quickly and even during practice traction was clearly “up”. Mitch, Easton, Ruona, Eckert, McIntosh, and Tirronen were all looking fast so the battle up front was definitely going to be tough.

Qualifying was indeed tough with some of the front runners experiencing issues. Although they all made the main, their starting positions weren’t representative of their pace on the track. Regardless of this, JR Mitch was blazing fast all weekend setting the TQ in both 1/8th truck (only driver to go 12 laps) and 1/8th buggy (by 4 seconds). JR was so fast in fact, that he actually beat the computers default minimum lap time for the layout, forcing the race director to reduce it. JConcepts ended up with 6 drivers in the buggy main and 5 in the truck main. Manny Sanchez ran JC tires all weekend and was on a tear in the Sportsman 1/8th buggy class as he set the TQ.

The track was manicured all weekend and the mains were no exception as the track crew did a few touch ups to keep the track perfect. In the sportsman 1/8th class Josh Talmadge and Manny Sanchez posted a 1-2 finish on JC tires, with Manny capitalizing on his TQ starting spot. Yellow compound was a must have and JConcepts drivers showed this in the 30 minute main with a 1-2-3 sweep by Mitch, Tirronen, and Ruona respectively. Mitch had run the same set of Blue Cross Hairs all weekend in 1/8th Truck and since they were still in great condition he left them on for the main. They still had plenty of life left and JR took the win by a margin of several laps over second place. His continuing domination has built a nearly unassailable lead in both classes.

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