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JConcepts Rage Update: Freestyle Obstacles Start Rollin’ in for JConcepts Rage, Well Sort Of –

Posted: 3/1/2009

Fred and Jason went on the road once again up to Citra, Florida to Big Boys Toys, the home of Joey and Melissa Stathas’s Monsters on a Mission.

The Stathas family donated a fallen 66’’ Firestone terra tire to become one of the many freestyle obstacles at the JConcepts Rage April 18-19, 2009 at Carolina’s R/C in Charlotte, NC.

This bad boy doesn’t roll very well any more, but it will definitely make for a great R/C Monster Truck Freestyle obstacle for the remainder of its life.

A Terra Tire Tragedy – The fatal wound to this Firestone Terra tire was caused due to a tire patch gone wrong. In order to re-inflate this tire after patching, an ether mixture was used to ignite and expand the tire back onto the tire beads. As you can see upon ignition the tire suffered a catastrophic explosion launching the 800+ tire and rim assembly approximately 20’ in the air! Luckily the only thing injured was the tire!

We would like to thank the Monsters on a Mission for donating the Monster Truck tire for the JConcepts Rage.

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Get ready, the JConcepts Rage is fast approaching,
April 18-19, 2009 at Carolina’s R/C in Charlotte,
North Carolina.

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