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Sign-Up for the JConcepts Rage - April 18-19th, 2009

Posted: 1/23/2009

JConcepts’ Events – Where the powers explode and the fun begins. Get ready, the JConcepts Rage is approaching and we would like to invite you to participate. Prizes to competitors will be offered.

Contact JConcepts to signup now at 352-241-4976. Signup is also available online for your convenience at www.jconceptsevents.com

April 18-19th, 2009
Carolinas R/C
7020 Reames Rd. Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28216

Carolina's R/C in Charlotte, North Carolina will host the 2009 JConcepts Rage. The Rage features an off-road racing program at the indoor Carolina’s R/C facility as well as a Monster Truck and Freestyle competition.

Also, for the first time ever a Scale-Off competition will also be included in the Monster Truck program. The Monster Truck and related events will take place on specifically constructed courses indoors in the Carolina’s R/C facility.

IFMAR based Racing
(Click here to download event flier)

R/C Monster Motorsports Racing
(Click here to download event flier)

For additional information on the Rage
please visit www.jconceptsevents.com

Pre-entry fee for the Rage Off-Road portion will be $35 for the first entry and $20.00 for each additional. Any entries received after the pre-entry deadline of April 1st will be $50.00 for the first class and $35.00 for each additional.

Pre-entry fee for the Rage Monster Truck, Freestyle and Scale-Off related events will be $25 for the first entry and $10.00 for each additional. Any entries received after the pre-entry deadline of April 1st will be $40 for the first class and $25.00 for each additional. Freestyle portion is included at no charge to drivers with their first entry.

The Rage consists of 2 events that will take place on the weekend of April 18-19, 2009. Each driver will receive a T-shirt with the first entry. JConcepts awards will be presented in all classes but limited to the top finishers in each class or group. The top 2 mains in each Off-Road class will receive awards (entry restricted) and top 5 finishers in each class of the Monster Truck and related events will receive awards (entry restricted).

April 17th, Friday will be controlled practice for the Rage Off-Road drivers and setup and early bird qualifying for the Rage Monster Truck event. The entry count for each event is expected to be quite large, so time is always of the essence. Monster Truck drivers are being given the option of an early bird qualifying program on Friday and as a bonus to the early bird drivers a raffle prize will be offered on Friday to those drivers for their support of a speedy program. Friday evening will be the last opportunity to signup and register for the weekend events.

The Monster Truck competition will open Saturday morning with the Scale-Off. The Scale-Off which is a show and shine competition which will include 4 classes of interest with judging, scoring and awards. The Monster Truck racing competition will take place immediately following the show and shine and run qualifications on Saturday and pick up on Sunday morning with main eliminations and will conclude with Freestyle competition.

Rage Off-Road racing will start on Saturday morning with the first round of qualifying starting at 11am and continue on through 2 complete rounds of qualifying. Sunday will begin with the 3rd round of off-road qualifying and continue through with single main events taking place immediately following the last round of qualifying.

Note - Due to the complexity of this event it is highly recommended to come with DSM radio equipment. Although it is not mandatory, utilizing DSM will allow the race control to better prepare for simultaneous events.

Special Appearances
Kirk Dabney and Maximum Overkill Monster Truck
JConcepts / Team Associated Drivers – Jason Ruona, Paul Wynn and JR Mitch

Schedule of Events

  • Entries limited to: 400 total – 200 Off-Road and 200 Monster Truck / related

  • Sponsored by: JConcepts and associate sponsors

  • Host track: Carolina’s R/C – Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Race announcer – Fred Reep – R/C Monster Motorsports

  • Race Direction – JConcepts Crew

  • Scale-Off track condition: (indoor) – concrete and carpet mixture

  • Off-Road track condition: (indoor) – turn marshals sweep in-between races

  • Race updates with photos and media via: www.rcactionpics.com

Rage Electric Off-Road Format

  • 4 qualifiers- 5 minutes long (time schedule determined)

  • 10 cars per race with 2 bump ups- 12 car mains

  • Electric C main 6 minutes long (time scheduled determined)

  • Electric B main 8 minutes long (time scheduled determined)

  • Electric A main 10 minutes long (time scheduled determined)

  • Short Course and 1/8th electric qualifying – 7 minutes long

  • Short Course and 1/8th electric mains – 15 minutes long

Rage Monster Truck and Scale-Off Format

Monster Truck Racing

Qualifying: Qualifying is side by side qualifiers with two Monster Trucks competing at one time to the finish line. Drivers will complete two rounds of qualifying before being seeded in the elimination rounds or (mains)

Eliminations: Eliminations follow a side by side "Heads up" elimination bracket format. After each driver has qualified, they are seeded into a fifteen truck side by side elimination bracket or (main). The top fifteen trucks will be seeded into an A-main bracket. A sixteenth spot will be open in all main brackets to allow for "bump ups". A driver in the Z-main can advance all the way to the A-main final match up by winning their round and advancing or "bumping up" to the next bracket.

The Final: Winners of the final round of their "main" bracket: B-main, C-main through Z-main will bump up to the next bracket or main. The winner of the final round A-main match up will be declared the overall champion for that class.

"King of Rage" Bonus Round: The "King of Rage!" match up will have the A-main winners of all four Monster Truck classes competing for an Overall "King of Rage Monster Truck Champion!"

Freestyle Format: Monster Truck freestyle will have two trucks performing at one time due to time constraints. Drivers have 90 seconds to “WOW” the judges. At the conclusion of the 90 seconds or at the end of your performance, each judge will give you a score from 1 to 10. The person with the highest combined score will determine the winner.

What determines a freestyle performance? Start: Once both trucks are staged drivers will freestyle their trucks at the start of fast paced high energy music. At the same time an official countdown clock will start for drivers, judges, and spectators to view. A fully completed freestyle performance will end after 90 seconds is up and the music stops.

If your truck flips over and is unable to right it self on its own or your truck is disabled and is unable to continue freestyle, your performance is over and the judges will score your performance. (Drivers and or pit crew will not be allowed to retrieve a disabled truck from the freestyle course.) A track official will retrieve your truck and release it to you at the end of the second trucks performance.

If your truck flips over and is able to right itself on its own, you may continue with your freestyle performance.

In the event of a “perfect 30” tie score after all trucks performed freestyle, drivers will have ten minutes to make any necessary preparations for a “Last Truck Standing” Freestyle Finally. The Last Truck Standing performance is just that. The last truck able to run under its’ own power will be declared the winner.

Scale-Off For the first time ever R/C enthusiasts, builders and scalers have the opportunity to show case their vehicles in the Rage Scale-Off. The Scale-Off is a show and shine event but will be run as a complete event with awards given to the top builders in each class. Judges will be using a Scale-Off scoring sheet to log vehicle data and score in individual categories. 4 classes are available in the Scale-Off so please enter accordingly.

Competitors will have to be able to drive the vehicle through a simple course (not destructive to the vehicle). The drive is to show the judges it is an actual R/C vehicle with driving potential and not just a static model. After the drive judges will score the complete vehicle and hold actual totals until the awards presentation.


  • ROAR rules observed

  • R/C Monster Motorsports rules observed

  • Stock class uses 13.5 brushless motor

  • Brushed and Brushless motors allowed in off-road modified classes

  • Lipo batteries allowed – hard shell cases recommended

  • Qual points used in all classes, best 2 out of 3 (time schedule determined)

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