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R/C Monster Motorsports does it again with Monstercross

Posted: 7/10/2008

Over the past couple of months R/C Monster Motorsports has been developing and testing the “Next Generation” of side by side R/C Monster Truck racing. This new hybrid form of side by side racing combines the excitement of traditional side by side racing and multiple lap off road racing. R/C Monster Motorcross or R/C Monstercross for short has proven in its testing phase to excite new to the most experienced of drivers.

The latest addition to R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. is not only this new “hybrid” form of side by side R/C Monster Truck racing, but the addition our new AMB multiple lap / multiple vehicle timing system with RC Scoring Pro Software. Sponsored by Jeff Keeton and Jason Ruona of JConcepts. Thank you!

What makes Monstercross so interesting and really gets drivers adrenalin pumping is instead of competitors having there own perfectly manicured lane, drivers in Monstercross now have to push themselves to the outer limits and rub tires with their competition in order to win. Got track time? As opposed to traditional side by side racing Monstercross offers over 3.5 minutes per truck (as tested and varies with track size) over just seconds with traditional side by side racing, that’s just qualifying! A Z-main driver could get over 36 minutes in run time including qualifying and eliminations to the A-main. Yes, Monstercross has track time!

How Monster X works:

Qualifying is side by side multiple lap time trials. The advantage of multiple laps gives the driver more track time to familiarize themselves with the race course. Typical qualifying times are over one minute long per driver and run for a completion of five laps. Drivers complete three rounds of qualifying before being seeded in the elimination rounds or (mains).

Eliminations follow traditional side by side elimination format with a twist from off road racing. After each driver has qualified, drivers are seeded into two truck side by side elimination rounds or (mains). The “Top Qualifier” from the three rounds of qualifying puts them in the finals or A-main spot. Second fastest qualifier is seeded into the semi final or B-main spot. Third fastest qualifying time puts you in the C-main, and so on. Here’s how things get interesting. A driver in the Z-main can advance all the way to the A-main final match up by winning their round and advancing or “bumping up” to the next round. It’s not easy, but this is what makes Monstercross so exciting!

The Final:
The final round in Monstercross is a side by side, knock down drag out 10 lap battle to the finish! It’s not an easy task and truly tests the skills of any driver and their racing machine, definitely granting bragging rights to the champion!

Want to be apart of the “Next Generation” of side by side R/C Monster Truck racing? Join us Saturday July 12, 2008 at eXtreme Hobby Zone for Monstercross.

“Race with the best or follow like the rest!”
R/C Monster Motorsports

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