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Rain Doesn't Stop Competitive Spirit at eXtreme Hobby Zone

Posted: 2/29/2008

Although it rained most the day, the racers, R/C Monster Motorsports, and eXtreme Hobby Zone were unstoppable. The day started out dry with the Show n’ Shine competition.

Rachel Jones and her new Wild Cat T-Maxx pull truck took first place. Rachel and Shannon Jones put a lot of work into this pull truck and it paid off! Second place went to Tyler Koepke’s Bankrupt sand dragster which sported a new Ford F-150 drag truck body. Shannon Jones took home third place with his Revo “Doc” pull truck.

Side by Side Racing had the return of the World Finals race course. With an off set starting line, high speed, Ten-Eighty big air ramps, U turn fashioned course, and deteriorating weather conditions, Polk County drivers had their hands full. Hunter Parrish for the second week in a row dominated small block side by side racing driving his 3rd Degree T-Maxx. Parrish took the first place win with a time of 9.22 seconds to Drew Walker’s time of 11.92 seconds. Eddie Davis would take the third place spot.

Buggy/Truggy racing was back at eXtreme Hobby Zone. It was a father son match up in the finals with Austin Koepke facing his father Rip. Austin drove his Ofna Ravenger to the win at 6.887 seconds to Rip’s 11.08 seconds driving his XTM Buggy. Josh Northrup came in third place with his HPI Spit Fire.

Wet was an understatement for the Big Block Finals at eXtreme Hobby Zone, but rain and mud didn’t scare off the competitors. After an hour of soaking rain, Tommy Feichtel driving his eXtreme Hobby Zone Associated MGT would face Craig Lowe and his No Name 2 Associated. Feichtel would take the win with a time of 6.312 seconds to Lowe’s 7.268 seconds. Steve Cowles and his LST Paralizer truck took third place.

After the Big Block finals it was time for the Small Block vs. Big Block vs. Buggy/ Truggy eXtreme Throw Down. Tommy Feichtel would once again take the win with his eXtreme Hobby Zone MGT with a time of 6.313 seconds. Austin Koepke took second place driving his Ofna Ravenger Buggy with a time of 6.702 seconds. Hunter Parrish took third with his Third Degree T-Maxx.

Small Block Sand Drag Racing had Eddie Davis and Yvonne Feichtel facing off in the finals. Eddie Davis would take the win driving his T-Maxx with a time of 1.294 seconds to Yvonne’s 1.409 seconds. Mike Parrish who came back as the fast loser in the semi-finals took third place with a blistering time of 1.177 seconds.

Two wheel drive sand drag finals had Alvin Mast driving his “Speedy” Jato who took first place with a time of 1.237 seconds. Tyler Keopke’s Bankrupt came in second place with a time of 1.274 seconds. Josh Northrup would take third place driving his HPI Spitfire.

Big Block Sand Drags had the debut of Dylan Foust driving the brand new Team Magic 3 HPI Savage. Dylan received a standing ovation from the crowd when he top qualified with a blistering time of 1.169 seconds! I guess having dad as the “King of Sand Drags” Dylan follows closely in Gene’s foot steps as the “Prince of Sand Drags”. Way to go Dylan! Gene Foust lived up to his name as “King of Sand Drags” by taking first place with a time of 1.232 seconds against Tommy Feichtel in the finals driving his Roebuck LST who red lighted. Craig Lowe driving his No Name 1 Savage took third place.

The heavy rain caused the clay surface to be too muddy for truck pulls. The pull surface was re-located next to the sand drag pit on a dirt surface. Pullers were interested on how the trucks we going to react to the new surface. R/C pullers did a great job as the surface held together quite well and tire divots were easily repaired. Cleanup was also easier as opposed to the clay surface.

Rachel Jones would take first place in Small Block Truck Pulling with her brand new Wild Cat T-Maxx. Rachel showed the boys “who’s boss” in a pull off against Mike Parrish driving his Big Dude T-Maxx. Rachel made a full pull @ 30lbs. Parrish pulled 21’ 1.5” @ 30 lbs for second place, Eddie Davis and his T-Maxx came in third place with 28’11” @ 25lbs.

Bruce Talley driving his Bad Habit Revo pull truck would take first place in a pull off against Shannon Jones driving his Revo “Doc” truck. Talley’s Bad Habit pulled 45lbs 28’ and Jones “Doc” truck pulled 25’7” @ 45 lbs. Tommy Feichtel’s Money Pit Losi came in third at 28’5” @ 40lbs.

In the finals of Tug Of War, it was Tony Chaney against Brian Macumber. With four straight wins in a row, Tony proved once again that his Gone Stupid Associated MGT is the truck to beat at Tug of War.

Thanks to all of our racers for a great day of racing! See you next week at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway in Tampa, Florida. Remember to Pre-Register for the R/C Monster Motorsports Regional Championship at the Osceola Sportsman Show March 14-15, 2008

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