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Polk County Racers Take Over S.S Raceway

Posted: 2/7/2008

Polk County Racers showed up in full force for R/C Monster Motorsports action at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway in Tampa, Florida. Action started in the Show n’ Shine competition as “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” Ronnie Setser did the judging. Polk County’s Paintwork impressed Setser as he awarded first through third place to Polk County trucks. Brian Macumber took first place with his Grim Reaper Associated Monster GT. Doug Dollar took second place with his Soul Taker Monster GT and Kent Northrup placed third with his Small Roller Monster.

Side by Side Racing, drivers were challenged with a side by side “J” Hook style race course. Driving skill and lane choice played a key roll for winning at this type of course. R/C Monster drivers staged at the starting line. Once the light turned green on our RaceAmerica R/C Pro Tree, drivers mashed the throttle launching their trucks over a small hill formed by Ten-Eighty ramps. When the trucks landed, it was back on the gas for the second “larger” set of Ten-Eighty ramps. Inside lane drivers had to be careful not to launch their trucks too hard and end up over shooting the start of the “J” hook turn. Outside drivers could launch their trucks for all it’s worth. In the “J” hook turn, inside lane drivers had to slow up and make sure they drove their trucks through the turn and not go out of bounds. Outside lane drivers could push their trucks harder in the turn to make up ground. Coming out of the “J” hook turn many competitors ended up being even. On the final straight-a-way the test of horse power and tire traction came into play as both drivers mashed the gas and dashed for the finish, with a spectacular big air Ten-Eighty jump at the finish line.

Small Block drivers were the first to test the “J” hook layout. With the uncertainty of how to drive the course drivers took their time in qualifying. When it came time for eliminations, drivers turned up the heat on each other pushing their driving limits. Race time dropped dramatically in elimination rounds. Josh Northrup was one of the drivers which pushed the eight second mark. In qualifying Northrup ran an 8.817 second run taking the top qualifier spot. Eddie Inman took the first place spot driving his Bubba T-Maxx with a time of 11.53 seconds up against Andrew Baker, who took second place with a time of 12.69 seconds. Scott McDonald took third place driving Purple Passion.

Big Block drivers pushed their trucks and skills to the limits. As seen in the picture above, this was one of the most spectacular finishes of the day. Dustin Lester driving his Red Rider Savage X and Andrew Walker driving his Grave Digger T-Maxx met in the quarter finals and neither wanted to loose. Out of the “J” hook turn both drivers gave it all it was worth. Surprisingly enough both trucks never collided and Walker took the win with a time of 8.765 seconds to Lester’s 9.000 seconds. Only .235 seconds separating both trucks! The second match up in the quarter finals was just as spectacular with only .159 separating winner from looser. Tony Chaney advanced driving his Gone Stupid Monster GT with a time of 8.294 seconds to Brian Macumber’s third place time of 8.453 seconds, driving his Grim Reaper Monster GT. Chaney took the first place win with a time of 8.942 seconds to Andrew Walker’s time of 22.56 seconds.

Tony Chaney driving his Gone Stupid Associated Monster GT would face Eddie Inman driving his Bubba Traxxas T-Maxx in an overall Championship race between Big Block and Small Block. The prize would be a JConcepts gift certificate for a brand new truck body. Chaney won the JConcepts Gift Certificate with a time of 15.74 seconds to Inman’s time of 17.50 seconds. Congratulations, Tony! Thank you, JConcepts!

Small Block Sand Drags, Eddie Davis advanced to claim the first place spot with a time of 1.251 seconds in the final driving a Traxxas T-Maxx. Eddie Inman took the second place spot driving his Bubba T-Maxx and Josh Northrup took third driving his HPI Spitfire. Big Block Sand Drags, Dustin Lester had an impressive victory in the finals with a blistering run of 1.171 seconds driving his Red Rider HPI Savage X. Eddie Inman took second place with a time of 1.430 seconds driving his BIG Bubba truck. Anthony Chaney driving Danger Zone took third place.

Scott McDonald and his Purple Passion truck took the first place win in Small Block Truck Pulls with a distance of 26’6” at 30 lbs. Eddie Inman’s Bubba truck took the second place spot with a distance of 25’1” at 30 lbs. Larry Baker’s Snicker Tamiya TNX took third place with a distance of 19’9” at 30 lbs.

Shannon Jones was the second winner of a JConcepts new truck body gift certificate for best overall truck pull. Jones took first place in the big block class with a distance of 27’9” at 40 lbs. Brian Macumber driving his Grim Reaper Monster GT took second place with a distance of 24’6.5” at 40 lbs. Tony Chaney took third place with a distance of 23’ 4.5” at 40 lbs.

Eddie Inman’s Bubba T-Maxx would out muscle the competition in Small Block Tug of War. Inman “drug” the competition with three consecutive victories. Brian Macumber and his Grim Reaper MGT won six consecutive victories, claiming the first place spot in Big Block Tug of War.

Thanks to Ronnie Setser for providing a great raceway! Thanks to JConcepts for sponsoring this weeks overall winners with gift certificates! Thanks to our drivers and fans! See you Saturday February 16, 2008 for the third of five “In it to Win it!” series events at eXtreme Hobby Zone in Winter Haven, Florida. “Be in it!”

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