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2008 Racing Season Kicks off at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway

Posted: 1/10/2008

R/C Monster Motorsports kicked off the 2008 racing season at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway in Tampa, Florida. Racers were revin’ to get back to the S.S. Raceway to show their stuff and everyone was ready to continue the competition between Team Tampa Bay and Team Polk County. Thirty-Three of our new bronze, silver, and gold Chase for the Championship medals were up for grabs and R/C Monster Motorsports drivers were going for the gold!

Show n’ Shine competition had Shannon Jones taking the gold, first place spot with his beautiful “Doc” Pull Truck. Jones put many hours into his Big Block Traxxas Revo in order to create a top notch puller. Jones attention to detail made the judge’s decision easy and gave the first win to Polk County. Second place went to new comer Tommy Wells II with his beautifully painted Traxxas Revo Big Block. Third place went to Eddie Inman and his Bubba T-Maxx.

Competition heated up between Tampa Bay and Polk County in Side by Side Racing. Drivers had their work cut out for them on a modified St. Louis Style race course. R/C Monster Motorsports utilized this style race course at the 2007 R/C Monster Truck World Finals at Dennis Anderson’s Diggers Dungeon in Poplar Branch, North Carolina. Reaction time, speed, big air, and technical driving were the key ingredients for a winning run.

Frank Poruba top qualified with a time of 11.99 seconds and took the first place spot for Tampa Bay in Small Block Racing. Andrew Walker took second place driving his T-Maxx Grave Digger. Eddie Inman driving his Bubba T-Maxx would come in third.

New comer Tommy Wells III driving his Big Daddy II Associated Monster GT took his first ever R/C Monster Motorsports win in Big Block racing. Wells made and outstanding comeback as fast looser in the second round to dominate his way to the first place spot with a time of 11.80 seconds. Win number two for Tampa Bay! Paul Montecalvo took the second place spot with a time of 13.39 seconds. Paul Howard III took third place with a time of 17.15 seconds driving his “DC” named HPI Savage X.

Paul Montecalvo driving his Jammin Truggy took home the first place win. Win number three for Tampa Bay! Montecalvo had the challenge of driving his Jammin truggy up against the winners of Small Block and Big Block racing for an overall racing championship. Not only did Montecalvo take the first place win, but also set track record with a time of 10.87 seconds. Tommy Wells III came in second with his Big Daddy II Big Block and Frank Poruba came in third for Small Block.

Larry Baker took his first ever R/C Monster Motorsports win in Small Block Sand Drags driving his “Snicker” Tamiya TNX. Baker also top qualified with a time of 1.395 seconds and took win number two for Polk County! Andrew Walker took the second place spot driving his T-Maxx Grave Digger. Eddie Inman took third place with his Bubba T-Maxx.

Tommy Wells II took his first ever R/C Monster Motorsports first place win in Big Block Sand Drags. Wells also took win number four for Tampa Bay! Dustin Lester, also from the Bay area, took second place driving his Silver Rain HPI Savage. “Wild Man” Paul Howard took third place driving his Repoman Losi LST.

Small Block Truck Pulls, Eddie Inman showed an outstanding display of horse power with his Bubba T-Maxx. Inman’s Bubba truck broke the front end in side by side racing and could only pull with rear wheel drive only. Bubba carried the front wheels ever so slightly down the track for first place and win number three for Polk County by only one inch. Inman won with a distance of 25’8” @ 30 lbs to Larry Baker’s 25’7” @ 30 lbs driving his Snicker TNX. Andrew Walker took third place with a pull of 24’1.5” @ 30 lbs driving his T-Maxx Grave Digger.

“Wild Man” Paul Howard driving Repoman made a statement in Big Block Truck Pulls. Not only did Howard win the event and take the fourth win for Polk County with a full pull @ 50 lbs. Howard came back for an exhibition pull. Repoman pulled 55 lbs. 26’ an outstanding display of power on an outstanding pull surface at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway. Shannon Jones took second place with his “Doc” Traxxas Revo Pull Truck. “Doc” pulled 50 lbs 27’9”. Tony Chaney took third place with his Gone Stupid Associated Monster GT. Gone Stupid Pulled 50lbs 25’6”.

Father and son would meet face to face in the center of the squared circle for a fight to the finish in R/C Monster Truck Sumo Wrestling. Our new 20’ x 20’ wrestling mat made for some great wrestling action between Paul “Repoman” Howard and Paul “DC” Howard III. Howard the third (Howard son) repossessed the Repoman by pushing Repoman out of the ring with his “DC” HPI Savage X for a total of six overall wins and win number five for Polk County.

Final score: Tampa Bay four wins to Polk County’s five wins. Congratulations Polk County! Come see if Tampa Bay can settle the score at our next event. Get ready for the start of the “In it to win it!” series which starts Saturday January 12, 2008 at Extreme Hobby Zone. “Be in it!”

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