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R/C Monster Motorsports Showcases All Events at Last Race of 2007

Posted: 1/5/2008

R/C Monster Motorsports offered up every challenge imaginable to racers including: Show n’ Shine, Side by Side Racing, Sand Drags, Sled Pulling, Drag Pulling, R/C Monster Truck Sumo Wrestling, Tug of War, Long Jump and of course Freestyle! Forty five trophies were on the line, new and veteran drivers had their game on in all classes of competition.

R/C Monster Motorsports and all of the drivers put on quite a show for many spectators throughout the day. R/C Monster Motorsports superior race management system made it possible to run through 70 side by side races which included qualifying and eliminations for: Side by Side racing, Sand Drags, and Drag Pulls. R/C Monster Motorsports also ran through, 14 traditional Truck Pulls, 22 pairs of tug of war and R/C Monster Truck Sumo Wrestling, and 6 long jumps.

Gene Foust of Team Magic Racing rounded up first and second places in the Show n’ Shine with their Team Magic 1 topped with a El Camino body taking first place and Team Magic 2 topped with a Hemi Cuda body taking second place. Gary Strainer took third place with his fearless Monster Bug.

After the Show n’ Shine competition Gene Foust owner of Challenger Sleds, made a special presentation to the audience announcing their second year of sponsoring R/C Monster Motorsports. Gene presented Fred Reep President of R/C Monster Motorsports Inc. with two brand new Challenger 1 Pull Sleds. These two new sleds will run the grueling 2008 circuit, which only a Challenger Sled can do. “Hand crafted, Hands Down!!!” If you are interested in the sport of R/C Truck Pulling or would like to get you hands on a Challenger Sled, please check out the Challenger Sled website home to Team Magic Racing at www.teammagicracing.com R/C Monster Motorsports looks forward to working with Challenger and Team Magic Racing for many more years! Thanks Gene!

A U- Turn Drag Racing track configuration was the track of choice for the last event of the 2007 season for two reasons. Reason one: The U- Turn Drag Race course was the first course R/C Monster Motorsports ran back in 2003 at Hobbies 24 Seven. Reason two: The U- Turn Drag Race course is still one of the most exciting and challenging courses R/C Monster Motorsports runs, especially with our new Ten-Eighty ramps allowing drivers to catch big air in a controlled race environment.

Eddie Inman took first place and top qualified in Small Block racing driving his Bubba T-Maxx. Eddie’s Bubba truck is really heating things up on the track. Gary Strainer took second place driving Monster Bug.

Repo Man driven by Paul Howard was R/C monster trucks version of Tom Meents and Maximum Destruction took first place in Big Block racing on his quest to impress the audience. Paul has had only a few events under his belt, but has proven to be a no nonsense competitor. Paul top qualified and set track record with a blistering fast time of 6.842 seconds. Second place was won by Craig Lowe driving No Name and Anthony Chaney edged into third place with Danger Zone. New comer Lloyd Hardy introduced his new HPI Hot Bodies to the Buggy/Truggy class. Lloyd not only took first place in Buggy/Truggy racing, but Lloyd was also the top qualifier. Gary Strainer took second place with his Ground Pounder machine.

Small Block Sand Drags is always awesome, but Eddie Inman’s Bubba really got everyone’s attention when his Bubba T-Maxx did a big flip in the sand pit which showered the entire audience with sand. Andrew Walker took first place in Small Block Sand Drags with his T-Maxx Grave Digger with a time of 1.467 seconds. Eddie Inman came in second place with his Bubba T-Maxx. Third place was held down by Gary Strainer driving Monster Bug.

Big Block Sand Drags showcased Dustin Lester driving his Silver Rain Savage who edged out Paul Howard’s Repo Man to take a well earned first place win with a time of 1.189 seconds. Howard’s Repo Man was top qualifier and took second place. New comer Tratin Howard finished with an impressive third place win driving his Savage X T-Rat.

Tyler Keopke was bringin’ home the bacon (aka trophies) with his 2WD Bankrupt sand racer. Bankrupt was top qualifier with a time of 1.328 seconds and also took first place spot. Total Chaos took second place driven by Gary Strainer. Third place went to Rip Keopke driving Pinkey.

Buggy/Truggy Sand Drags had Lloyd Hardy taking the first place spot over Gary Strainer’s Ground Pounder which suffered from mechanical problems.

Drag Pulls was a nice treat for our R/C Truck Pullers. Drag pulling incorporates the sport of drag racing and truck pulling. This type of pulling challenges drivers by having to pull a 15-20 lbs. Challenger sled the distance of 30 feet in the shortest amount of time using our RaceAmerica R/C Drag Race Tree.

Big Block Drag Pulls was won by Bruce Talley who also set a track record of 2.951 seconds in the finals against Tony Chaney driving his Gone Stupid Associated MGT. Third place was won by Gold Digger driven by Brian Macumber.

Small Blocks also brought it to the drag pull track! Eddie Inman took the first place spot with his Bubba T-Maxx against Rip Koepke’s Puller Truck which was top Qualifier and took the second place. Gary Strainer’s Monster Bug edged out Andrew Walker’s Grave Digger T-Maxx for third place.

Extreme Hobby Zone spent hours prepping the track for our year end race. The fruits of their labor were especially noticed during the traditional Truck Pull. At 30 lbs. the Small Block competition was won by Eddie Inman. Inman’s Bubba truck pulled a respective 18’4”. Rip Koepke followed closely behind with his Puller truck which pulled 17’7” and Andrew Walker’s Grave Digger T-Maxx pulled 13’4”.

First place in Big Block pulling was won by the Paul Howard’s Repo Man with a Full Pull @40lbs. Shannon Jones followed closely behind the Repo Man with his DOC truck pulling 28’2”. Third place went to Tony Chaney driving Gone Stupid 25’1”.

Paul Howard and his Team Losi LST Repo Man met Anthony Chaney and Danger Zone in the finals of Tug of War. Howard would win Tug of with a total of seven wins. Chaney would take second place with a total of five wins.

Anthony Chaney and his Danger Zone truck were back with vengeance in our popular R/C Monster Truck Sumo Wrestling event. The sport of R/C Monster Truck Sumo Wrestling tests the pushing ability of an R/C Monster Truck. Drivers zip tie their trucks together with a special fixture which was developed by R/C Monster Motorsports. The R/C Monsters are then placed on a wrestling mat. At the sound of a gong, drivers try to push their opponent off of the mat. The first truck pushed off of the mat is the looser.

Chaney’s Danger Zone Associated MGT would face off in the final match up against Andrew Baker’s Sling Shot Savage. Chaney put Baker’s Sling Shot in the Danger Zone by defeating Sling Shot with four wins over Baker’s three.

Long Jump had six competitors going for big air and the bragging rights of the final Long Jump Champion of 2007. Tony Chaney flew his Gone Stupid Associated Monster GT 29’ to victory! Dustin Lester flew his Silver Rain Savage 25’9” for second place and Josh Northrup flew Big Blue 2, 23’7” for third place.

Eddie Inman and Inman Motorsports sponsored a 5 foot tall trophy for the Freestyle event. Unfortunately nobody was able to make the call for their Freestyle performance. Inman Motorsports will be rolling the 5 foot tall trophy back to our next event at extreme Hobby Zone, Saturday, January 12th, 2008 for the Freestyle competition.

Thanks to all of our racers, sponsors, and fans all over the world! Happy New Year! Get ready for the 2008 racing season. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” Don’t miss the next five “In it to Win it!” races at extreme Hobby Zone. The more you race the more chances you may have to win an awesome 15” flat screen, HDTV. Saturday, January 12th, 2008 is the start of the “In it to win it!” series. “Be in it!”

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