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Holiday Racing Features New Event the Santa Sled

Posted: 12/20/2007

The holiday racing season continued at Ronnie Setser’s Customs S.S. Raceway in Tampa, Florida. Fred Reep President, of R/C Monster Motorsports and Gene Foust President, Team Magic Racing developed a new “Original” event for the holiday season. The “Santa Sled Pull” was a huge hit for competitors and spectators alike. The concept was simple, take a Team Magic Racing Challenger 1 sled, remove the front skid plate and replace them with a traditional snow sled (with Fred Clause at the helm).

Making a change to the sleds skid plate made a big difference in the amount of weight that the drivers could pull. It was all about physics! As you can see from our results the R/C monsters could pull between five to fifteen pounds more just by changing the skid plate on the sled to the long twin rail skids. Longer twin rails had less friction on the track which made it easier for the R/C Monsters to handle the extra weight. Team Magic Racing is currently working with R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. to develop a chart to show R/C Truck Pullers the correlation between track surfaces, pull sled skid plates, and the weight an R/C Monster can pull. If you are into R/C Truck Pulling keep checking back for this valuable information.

New R/C Monster Motorsports Truck Pull Records were set on the clay surface at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway. Moisture, shade, track prep and compaction were all the ingredients that made for a consistent top notch pulling surface. Eddie Inman made a full pull at 35 lbs in the Small Block Santa Sled Pull off against Andrew Walker’s Grave Digger T-Maxx which pulled 35 lbs 22’9”. Gary Strainer took the third place with a distance of 20’ @ 30lbs. Andrew Walker would win the Small Block class with a distance of 17’11” @ 30lbs. Eddie Inman made the unfortunate decision to decline his test pull of 19’4” @ 30lbs. Inman took the second place with his second pull of 14’9” due to mechanical problems. New comer Larry Baker drove is “Snicker” Tamiya TNX to the third place spot with a distance of 6’11” @ 30lbs.

Sled weight really went up and new records were set in Big Block Truck Pulls as well. Typically the Big Block trucks pull around 35 pounds. Paul Howard driving his Repo Man Losi LST2 took first place in the Santa Sled Pull with the incredible weight of 60lbs at a distance of 27’3”. Gene Foust driving his Team Magic 1 topped with his famous “Batman” body came in second with a distance of 25’2” @ 60lbs. Tony Chaney took third place with a distance of 26’1” @ 45lbs driving Gone Stupid. Paul Howard won the Traditional Truck Pull event with a distance of 19’9” @ 50lbs, 15lbs more than our past clay surface Truck Pull events. Tony Chaney took the second place spot with a pull of 27’4” at 45lbs driving Gone Stupid. Shannon Jones took third place with his “Doc” Revo pulling 40lbs 27’9”.

Show n’ Shine had the one and only Team Magic 1 topped with Gene Foust’s famous Batman body in the winners circle. Shannon Jones and his “Doc” pull truck took the second place and Gary Strainer’s Monster Bug came in third.

Side by side racing had the return of the reverse Chicago style race course. Drivers once again started in the outside oval and watched for the Green light on our RaceAmerica timing system. When the light turned green drivers raced around the outside oval jumping Parma Chevy Caprice crushed cars for one lap. After one lap around it was a dash to the finish in the center of the race course with both trucks facing each other for the final leap off of our big air Ten-Eighty ramps. In Small Block it was Frank Poruba taking first place and also setting a track record of 14.74 seconds. Gary Strainer driving his Monster Bug T-Maxx came in second.

Josh Northrup driving his Big Blue 2 Associated Monster GT took the top spot with a time of 21.53 seconds in the Big Block finals against Andrew Baker driving his Sling Shot Savage.

In Sand Drag Small block finals Eddie Inman driving his Bubba T-Maxx was paired up against Andrew Walker’s Grave Digger T-Maxx. Inman would win the event with a time of 1.356 seconds to Walker’s 1.358 seconds. Only .002 of a second between both trucks! WOW! Big Block Sand Drags had the “King” of Sand Drags, Gene Foust in the finals up against Andrew Baker’s Sling Shot Savage. The King lived up to his name with Foust taking the win with a time of 1.309 seconds to Baker’s time of 1.538 seconds.

Tug of War featured Josh Northrup’s Associated Big Blue 2 the toughest of all trucks taking first place defeating five other trucks in the Big Block class. New comer Larry Baker and his “Snicker” TNX defeated three other trucks in the Small Block class for the first place win. Congratulations Larry!

Freestyle competition had a face off between Dustin Lester’s Silver Rain Savage X and Gary Strainer’s Monster Bug. After the dust settled Silver Rain had washed the bug off of the track for the first place win.

Get ready for the last event of the year at eXtreme Hobby Zone located in Winter Haven, Florida. For the last event of the year R/C Monster Motorsports will be holding all of our events. Events will include:

  • Show n’ Shine

  • Side by Side Racing

  • Sand Drags

  • Drag Pulls

  • Truck Pulls

  • Long Jump

  • Tug of War

  • R/C Monster Truck Sumo Wrestling

  • Freestyle

Forty five trophies are up for grabs. Don’t miss it!

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