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Holiday Season Brings Big Air at eXtreme Hobby Zone

Posted: 12/4/2007

With the 2007 R/C Monster Motorsports racing season drawing to a close, new and old drivers had an awesome day testing each others skills at eXtreme Hobby Zone in Winter Haven Florida this past Saturday. Show N’ Shine had the return of Travis Graham and his Power Stoke T-Maxx taking the first place spot. Graham’s meticulous attention to detail on his Dodge Charger bodied T-Maxx made the judge’s decision easy. Eddie Inman’s Bubba T-Maxx took the second place spot and newcomer Brian Macumber took third with his Gold Digger Associated Monster GT.

Side by Side Racing featured the “Run what you Brung” class. This week’s course was a Modified Chicago Style race course in reverse. The trucks started in the center of the oval course facing each other. Once the light turned green on our first of two RaceAmerica timing systems, drivers hit the gas and raced toward each other jumping over a clay hill in the center of the track. After the jump drivers made a 180 degree turn into the outside oval. Once on the outside oval it was a one lap race around the track in reverse rotation catching big air in the process jumping the Ten-Eighty ramps.

Craig Lowe was on fire top qualifying with a time of 20.80 seconds and winning the event driving his No Name truck. Tony Chaney took second place driving Gone Stupid and newcomer Paul Howard driving Repo Man LST 2 took third. One of the most exciting match ups of the day was in the first round between Travis Graham driving Power Stroke up against Tony Chaney driving Gone Stupid. Only two hundredths of a second separated both trucks for the win. Chaney ultimately advanced to the next round with a time of 22.35 seconds to Graham’s time of 22.33 seconds. Race times that close with a track of this difficulty is absolutely amazing. Great job!

Travis Graham showed drivers how it’s done in Big Block Sand Drags. Graham Top Qualified with a time of 1.288 seconds. Graham also won the event with his Power Stroke Big Block T-Maxx with a time of ET 1.305 seconds / RT .435 against Craig Lowe in an exciting final. Lowe took the second place spot with his No Name truck with a time of ET 1.301 seconds / RT .487. Tony Chaney took the third place driving Gone Stupid.

Eddie Inman won the best two out of three Small Block Sand Drag races. Inman won the first two races driving his Bubba T-Maxx against Andrew Walker driving his Grave Digger T-Maxx. Walker would win the last race against Inman due to mechanical problems.

In Big Block Truck Pulls newcomer Shannon Jones took first place with a pull of 27’ @ 35lbs. Shannon Jones, “Doc” truck was one of three that made it into a pull off. The second place winner was Craig Lowe driving Big Blue to a distance of 24’2” @ 35lbs. Tony Chaney driving Gone Stupid took the third place spot with a distance of 22’3” @ 35lbs. Fourth place would go to Brian Macumber driving his Gold Digger Monster GT 27’5” @ 30lbs. And in Fifth place newcomer Bruce Talley drove his Big Daddy Traxxas Revo puller a distance of 26’3” @ 30lbs.

Small Block Truck Pulls featured Eddie Inman who won the best two out of three pulls against Andrew Walker’s Grave Digger T-Maxx. Inman’s first pull was out of bounds at 13’6”. Walker took the first win with a distance of 25’8”. Second pull, Inman’s Bubba T-Maxx would make a full pull at 25lbs and Walker’s Grave Digger pulled 25lbs 19’4”. For the final pull Inman requested Big Block weight for the sled at 35lbs. Walker accepted the challenge and ten pounds was added to the Challenger Sled weight box. Inman’s Bubba truck would pull 35lbs 24’10” and Walkers Grave Digger would pull 35lbs 14’6”.

The final event of the day was Tug of War. Brian Macumber and his Gold Digger Monster GT faced off against Tony Chaney’s Gone Stupid Monster GT in the finals. Macumber’s Gold Digger would out horsepower Chaney’s Monster GT for his first ever Tug of War win. Congratulations Brian! Eddie Inman’s Bubba truck would out class Drew Walker’s Grave Digger for the Small Block win.

Thanks to all of our new racers for a great day of R/C Monster Truck racing at eXtreme Hobby Zone! Thanks again to all of our sponsors, supporting venues and veteran racers for their continued support! See you next week at Ronnie Setser’s Customs in Tampa, Florida for a special holiday Racing and Truck Pull event. Team Magic Racing will be bringing a special holiday pull sled for the pulling competition! You don’t want to miss this race!

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