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High Flying R/C Monster Truck Racing Action at Ronnie Setser’s Raceway

Posted: 11/3/2007

Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway was the scene for some High Flying R/C Monster Motorsports racing action in Tampa, Florida. Racers were challenged by a modified “High Flying” St. Louis style racing course. “High Flying” due to the fact Fred Reep, President of R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. incorporated Ten Eighty Freestyle Ramps into the course layout.

Driver skill, high speed, and big air were the main ingredients for an exciting race day. Once the light turned green on our RaceAmerica R/C Tree, drivers launched their trucks over a small diamond plate hill. After the trucks settled drivers would prepare to make a big launch off of the Ten-Eighty Freestyle ramps. Drivers launched their tucks 15’ – 20’ out from the ramps to the first turn pole. Once around the turn pole drivers would again power down a straight away with no obstacles. One of the “make it or break it” points in the race was the final 180 degree turn back to the finish line. Having good brakes was the key factor at this point in the race. Once around the final turn pole, drivers made a mad dash to the finish over the final set of crushed Parma Chevy Caprice cars.

Team Magic Racing blew away the Show n’ Shine competition with Gene Foust’s Team Magic 1 topped with a Madagascar truck body. Tommy Feichtel’s eXtreme Hobby Zone took second place and third place went to Bankrupt, owned and operated by Tyler Koepke.

The husband and wife team of Tommy and Yvonne Feichtel made it to the finals of the Small Block Side-by-Side racing class. Tommy top qualified with a time of 12.31 seconds. Tommy would also take the win with a time of 12.37 seconds to Yvonne’s DNF due to mechanical issues. Yvonne wasn’t done for the day. Eddie Inman took third place with his Bubba Truck. Inman is new to R/C Monster Truck racing and has been edging his way up the rankings and wowing the audiences at each event.

Big Block Side-by-Side racing featured Craig Lowe driving No Name against Dustin Lester driving his Silver Rain Savage in the finals. Lowe would have his work cut out for him since Dustin was Top Qualifier with a time of 11.60 seconds. Ultimately Lowe would take the win with a time of 11.53 seconds to Lester’s 17.05 run.

Buggy / Truggy Side-by-Side racing, Paul Montecalvo would set the track on fire with a blistering run of 10.59 seconds in the finals against Tyler Koepke. Montecalvo won the match up, top qualified, and took track record for the day. Great job!

In the Small Block Sand Drags, “Power Puff” Yvonne Feichtel would show drivers who’s the boss! Yvonne’s Pretty in Pink T-Maxx squashed Gary Strainer’s Monster Bug in the finals. Yvonne’s winning time was 1.593 seconds to Strainer’s 1.670 seconds. This was Gary’s first final match-up. Great Job Gary!

Big Block Sand Drags featured Dustin Lester driving Silver Rain against Craig Lowe driving No Name in the finals once again. This time Lester would claim the first place spot with a time of 1.281 seconds to Lowe’s 1.339 seconds.

In the Buggy / Truggy Sand Drags, Paul Montecalvo driving his Ofna Jammin would take the victory with a time of 1.499 seconds to Gary Strainer’s 1.593 seconds driving Ground Pounder.

2wd Sand Drags had Austin Koepke claiming victory driving Pinkey with a time of 1.456 seconds over Tyler Koepke driving Bankrupt with a time of 1.459 seconds. Only .003 of a second pretty close!

Small Block Pulling featured Rip Koepke and his Puller Truck. Rip would take the first place spot with a Full Pull at 25 lbs. Rip made the wise decision to decline his test pull of 23’4” because Eddie Inman driving his Bubba T-Maxx made a respectable pull of 26’9” for the second place spot. Gary Strainer would take the third place spot with a distance of 10’9”.

Big Block Pulling again showcased “Power Puff” Yvonne Feichtel. She would once again shut down the boys by taking the first place with a distance of 24’2” at 35lbs. Yvonne was almost unlucky in her decision to decline her test pull of 27’1” due to the fact that the bite of the clay surface went away as the pulling event progressed. Tommy Feichtel would have to settle with the second place spot with a distance of 18’2”. Gene Foust driving Team Magic 1 would take the third place spot with a distance of 15’9”.

Last Truck Standing Freestyle had a new face in the winner’s circle at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway. Andrew Walker was a last minute entry at the end of the day for the Freestyle event. Ironically Andrew ended up winning Freestyle! Congratulations to Andrew for his first time out to an R/C Monster Motorsports Racing event. See you back at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway and Hobby for a special “Bonus” event for November. See you Saturday November 24, 2007 for the R/C Monster Motorsports “Turkey Belly Buster Bash!”

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