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2007 R/C Monster Mash was Absolutely Smashing

Posted: 11/1/2007

R/C Monster Motorsports teamed up with eXtreme Hobby Zone for the 2007 R/C Monster Mash. Central Florida racers were treated to a scary day of competition.

In Show n’ Shine trucks are usually rated on their paintwork and upgrades. At our R/C Monster Mash event things were a little different. Concourse judges were looking for the scariest paint design or overall best Halloween thematic presentation. Racers stepped up their game with some really innovative and creative R/C Monster Trucks.

Mike Slacum spent hours developing a gargoyle themed monster truck that won the judges over for first place. Gene Foust debuted his Casper body on Team Magic 1 which seemed to be floating in the clouds, Casper brought home second place. Third place went to Tyler Koepke. Tyler incorporated a scary insane crown mask into his truck design. Honorable mention went to Dave Huckaby who spent hours developing his scary bull themed truck body.

If Show n’ Shine wasn’t scary enough, Side by Side Racing really scared drivers. Cloud cover, high humidity, and warm temperatures reaped havoc with needle settings on all of the nitro trucks. Aside from the tuning issues drivers were also challenged with a Side by Side “U” turn drag race course configuration. After the light turned green on our RaceAmerica R/C Tree drivers drove over a large table top. Once over the table top drivers needed to get their trucks under control for a reverse ramp in the center of the track. After clearing the ramp drivers needed to navigate their trucks around a 180 degree turn back to the finish line clearing the last set of crushed Parma Chevy Caprice bodies.

In Small Block Side-by-Side racing Chris McFalls seemed to tame his T-Maxx monster by taking the Top Qualifier spot with a time of 8.017 seconds. McFalls won the event with a time of 9.598 seconds who was matched up against Eddie Inman driving his Bubba T-Maxx with a time of 10.33 seconds.

Big Block Side-by-Side racing had Tommy Feichtel’s Plum Crazy up against Craig Lowe’s No Name truck in the finals. Lowe’s No Name defeated Feichtel’s Plum Crazy with a time of 7.804 seconds to Feichtel’s 13.04 seconds.

Buggy / Truggy racing had the Koepke family battling it out for the first place spot. Tyler claimed the first place spot and set a track record time of 7.528 seconds over Austin’s Bud Boy Buggy which had mechanical problems.

In the Two Wheel Side-by-Side event we had new comer David Huckaby driving his Ram IT! RC10 beating out Chris McFalls Haven Pallet Jato which had mechanical problems.

Sand Drag Small Block finals showcased Tommy Feichtel driving his R/C Monster Motorsports Machine against Eddie Inman driving his Bubba T-Maxx. Feichtel would narrowly take the win with a time of 1.562 seconds to Inman’s 1.589 seconds. Big Block Sand Drags featured Craig Lowe driving No Name against Tommy Feichtel driving his Roebuck Losi LST. Feichtel’s Roebuck took Top Qualifier with a time of 1.345 seconds but would red light in the finals to Lowe’s 1.257 second run. In Two Wheel Sand Drags Chris McFalls driving Haven Pallet Jato would once again be a force to be reckoned with. McFalls Top Qualified with a blistering run of 1.116 seconds. McFalls also took the first place with a time of 1.227 seconds to Austin Koepke’s 1.347 seconds driving Pinky.

In Small Block Truck Pulling, Rip Koepke muscled his Puller truck to the first place spot pulling 25lbs. 29’2”. Eddie Inman would take second place with a distance of 25’9” @ 25lbs.

There were no powder puffs in the Big Block Truck Pulling event! Only “Power Puffs” as Yvonne Feichtel put a hurt’n on the boys driving her Country Girl Losi LST. Yvonne’s Country Girl pulled 35lbs. 28’8” for first place. “You go Girl!” Gene Foust’s Team Magic 1 topped with the Madagascar themed body took second place with a distance of 23’7” @ 35lbs. Tommy Feichtel ended up doing the dishes this week for Yvonne by taking third place driving his Money Pit Losi LST 18’5” @ 35 lbs.

Finally it came down to the scariest event of the day. The “R/C Monster Motorsports Last Truck Standing Freestyle Event.” Fred Reep, President of R/C Monster Motorsports, Inc. developed the “Last Truck Standing” Freestyle event at Dennis Anderson’s and R/C Monster Motorsports 2007 R/C Monster Jam World Finals event which was hosted at Digger’s Dungeon in Poplar Branch, North Carolina. The “Last Truck Standing” Freestyle event was a perfect encore to such an awesome event. Click here to read more on the 2007 R/C Monster Jam World Finals. The only rules are: You can turn your truck back over if it flips over, and No refueling. Otherwise any thing goes!

Five brave competitors entered the R/C Monster Mash “Last Truck Standing” Freestyle event. Eddie Inman driving his Bubba T-Maxx; new comer Josh Northrup driving his Big Blue Associated Monster GT; Chris McFalls driving his Woody HPI Savage; Tyler Koepke driving his Tripple B Buggy; and Tommy Feichtel driving his eXtreme Hobby Zone Losi LST. All five trucks lined up and once the music started it was total chaos until there was only one truck rolling out on its own. Once the dust settled Tommy Feichtel’s eXtreme Hobby Zone truck was victorious claiming the first place trophy. Feichtel’s truck had enough left to do a few more jumps and spin some doughnuts for the applauding crowd! Congratulations Tommy! Tyler Koepke took the second place spot and new comber Josh Northrup took third place. “Very impressive for Josh’s first racing event!” Great Job!

Looking through the wreckage we found McFalls’ Woody truck with all four tie rod ends knocked off and Inman’s Bubba truck with a tire completely shredded off the rim. “I hope Eddie purchased road hazard insurance!”

Thanks to eXtreme Hobby Zone for hosting the 2007 R/C Monster Mash, all of the R/C Monster Motorsports sponsors, and of course all of the drivers and their families. See you back at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway in Tampa, Florida Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 and eXtreme Hobby Zone Saturday, November 10th, 2007.

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