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Big Block vs. Small Block vs. Truggy made for Great Competition at Performance Hobbies and Atlantic Speedway

Posted: 9/22/2007

Threats of more rain did not deter the hardcore R/C Monster truck racers from attending the first race of the Iron Truck Challenge Series held at Performance Hobbies and Atlantic Speedway in Dunnellon Florida.

Gene Foust of Team Magic Racing made an impressive display with the debut of the new “Showtime” body in Concourse. Gene had a busy day in the racing events sweeping all of the first place points in the Big Block events which consisted of Side by Side Racing, Sand Drags and Truck. Cory Palmer would sweep the first place points in Small Block Racing and Sand Drags. Tony “Action” Jackson would sweep the Iron Truck Challenge points in the Buggy/Truggy events.

Gene Foust dominated the Sand Drags as always with his Team Magic 2 truck. In the finals it would be Foust against Tony “Action” Jackson driving Scar Face. Not only did Gene win the event but he also set a track record time of 1.211 seconds to Jackson’s time of 1.339 seconds. Gene currently holds Sand Drag track record times for: Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway 1.212 seconds, eXtreme Hobby Zone 1.141 seconds, and now Performance Hobbies and Atlantic Speedway 1.211 seconds. Gene Foust also currently holds the R/C Monster Motorsports overall fast time in Big Block Sand Drags with a time of 1.141 seconds. “Way to go Gene!”

Once again Gene Foust of Team Magic Racing would be the man to beat in Truck Pulls. Team Magic 1 topped off with the Finding Nemo body took first place with a pull of 26’6” @ 30 lbs. Corey Palmer would take second place driving JC Espinet’s Iron Horse with a pull of 19’7” @ 30lbs. In Small Block Truck Pulling Tony Jackson would take first place driving his brand new T-MAXX courtesy of the truck raffle at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway. Jackson’s T-MAXX would pull 16’9” @ 15lbs.

Rain made its’ presence known toward the end of the race day, but actually did a great job of preparing the pavement for the R/C Monster Truck Sumo Wrestling Challenge. Small Block Sumo put Tony “Action” Jackson’s “Doom” T-MAXX in the ring against Cory Palmer driving JC Espinet’s White Fang. The slickness of the pavement was just the right combination for R/C Sumo Truck Wrestling. Hearing the engines rev, seeing the tires burning, and the fantastic spins created some great action! Tony Jackson (Tony son) would be declared the winner over Palmer. Palmer would have is vengeance against Jackson in a handicap match where Jackson would put his Doom T-Maxx against Palmer, driving JC Espinet’s Terminator. The Terminator would toy with Doom for a while until Doom was Terminated. This would make for a great movie quote: “Action Jackson, you have just been Terminated.”

Finally, hardcore racers were treated to a triple threat match up, Big Block vs. Small Block vs. Truggy after all of the Iron Truck Challenge point’s races were completed. All classes competed separately in qualifying which was also used as the finals for the Iron Truck Challenge points. Once all of the classes competed, the final times were used as a qualifying time in which all classes were bracketed together for the Big Block vs. Small Block vs. Truggy eliminations.

Tony “Action” Jackson would put his truggy “Scar Face” in the finals against Gene Foust’s Team Magic 2 Big Block. Jackson would take the win with a time of 9.70 seconds to Foust’s 18.16 seconds. Cory Palmer would set a track record time of 9.23 seconds driving JC Espinet’s Small Block “White Fang”.

Thanks to JC Espinet owner of Performance Hobbies and Atlantic Speedway and his awesome crew. Thanks to the hard core racers who braved the elements and had another great day of competition at Performance Hobbies and Atlantic Speedway. Time for another good quote, “We’ll be back!” at Ronnie Setser’s S.S. Raceway, Saturday October 6th, 2007. Ronnie will be raising the bar once again with a Axial .28 1s pull start Big Block motor raffle. Last month Ronnie gave away a Traxxas T-Maxx which was won by Tony Jackson. Tony only spent $20.00 on raffle tickets and went home with a brand new T-MAXX. Remember, “Race with the Best or follow like the Rest!”

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