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More Rain and more Records Set at eXtreme Hobby Zone

Posted: 9/17/2007

The thunderstorms followed the Iron Truck Challenge series organized by R/C Monster Motorsports to Winter Haven this past weekend. New track records were set in Sand Drags at eXtreme Hobby Zone. Concourse was a great display of Central Florida’s finest R/C monster trucks. Gene Foust unveiled his brand new Hemi Cuda body. Gene’s impressive paint work earned him first place.

Side by Side racers were challenged this weekend by a special modified Chicago Style race course. Utilizing our first of two RaceAmerica Timing Systems, both trucks were staged in the center of the course facing opposite one another. When the light turned green drivers raced in opposite directions making a sharp 90 degree turn into the oval. Once in the oval both trucks raced around for one lap finishing over Parma Chevy Caprice crushed cars.

Side by Side Big Block racing had the “Polk County Mad Man” Tommy Feichtel in the finals against himself. Feichtel was top qualifier and track record holder with a time of 14.43 seconds with his sponsored eXtreme Hobby Zone Monster Truck. Tommy’s eXtreme Hobby Zone truck would face off against his Plum Crazy monster in the finals. Plum Crazy would take the win with a time of 16.46 seconds.

Side by Side Small Block racing featured Chris McFalls who was Top Qualifier with a time of 15.97 seconds. Spectators would once again see Tommy Feichtel in the finals this time driving the R/C Monster Motorsports Machine (formerly Grave Digger #20) T-Maxx, against Paul Wise driving a Traxxas Revo. Feichtel would take the win with a time of 14.93 seconds to Wise’s 15.37 seconds.

Side by Side Nitro Buggy/Truggy would have the Koepke brothers in the finals once again. Austin would face his brother Tyler in the finals. Austin claimed victory with a time of 16.30 seconds. Unfortunately, Tyler’s machine suffered from mechanical problems.

Sand Drag Racing continued to generate excitement with new R/C Monster Motorsports fast time records established in Big Block, Small Block, and our first ever 2 Wheel Drive class. Gene Foust in Big Block would battle back and fourth with Craig Lowe in Small Block for the overall fastest run time. Almost every run Lowe made was a track record until Foust claimed fast time with only one ten thousandth of a second separating both trucks. Craig Lowe’s time was 1.142 seconds to Gene Foust’s time 1.141 seconds. “Now that’s quick!”

For the first time at eXtreme Hobby Zone we had a 2 wheel drive class. Chris McFalls driving Haven Pallet would Top Qualify and set a fast time record in the 2 Wheel class with a time of 1.107 seconds.

Sand Drag Big Block finals would feature Tommy Feichtel driving Roebuck against Gene Foust driving Team Magic 2. Feichtel would claim victory over Foust only by Reaction time. Feichtel ran a 1.294 second run with a reaction time of .496 of a second to Foust’s 1.263 seconds with a reaction time of .612 of a second.

In Sand Drag Small Block finals, Craig Lowe driving No Name was paired against Tyler Koepke’s Bankrupt. Craig would claim victory with a record run of 1.142 seconds to Koepke’s 1.256 seconds. Sand Drag 2 Wheel Drive finals had Chris McFalls driving Haven Pallet against Tyler Koepke’s Bankrupt. Koepke would claim victory with a time of 1.348 seconds over McFalls due to a red light.

Small Block Truck Pulls had Eddie Inman driving his T-rex T-Maxx, claiming first place with a full pull @ 15lbs. Paul Wise driving his Traxxas Revo would claim second place with a distance of 26’4” @ 15 lbs. Tyler Koepke claimed third place with Puller at a distance of 23’8”.

Big Block Truck Pulls had a three way pull off against Tommy Feichtel’s Money Pit, Yvonne Feichtel’s County Girl, and Gene Foust’s Team Magic 1. Gene Foust’s Team Magic 1 took first place only by one inch! Team Magic 1 pulled 35 lbs 27’3” over Money Pit’s 27’2” pull. Country Girl would run out of bounds at 24’9”.

R/C Monster Truck Sumo Wrestling was back! Small block had Eddie Inman’s T-rex against Paul Wise’s Revo. Paul Wise would win the match due to Inman accidentally hitting reverse.

Big Block Sumo was relocated to a cement patio under the pit awning at eXtreme Hobby Zone. The rain soaked track did not hold any traction for the Big Block behemoths. Reigning R/C Monster Motorsports Sumo Truck champion Tommy Feichtel (Tommy son) was back defending his title against his wife Yvonne and Craig Lowe. Lowe’s No Name monster out muscled Yvonne’s Country Girl in the first round. (Tommy Son’s) Money Pit out muscled Lowe’s No Name in the second round. The final Round put husband and wife in the ring. Yvonne’s County Girl did her best but ultimately Money Pit would push Country Girl across the line. “Your winner and still R/C Monster Motorsports Sumo Truck Champion, Tommy Feichtel”!

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